Clinic Locations

Activities & Events

Want to see a local clinic before considering treatment?
Want a 'behind the scenes' look at a private laser treatment clinic?
Beehive Solutions sponsor clinic open days up and down the country.
Contact us for information on an Open Day near you.

Alternatively, the following clinics have frequent open days and can be contacted directly for a private visit or invitation-only event:

Epsom Skin Clinic.       

Epsom Skin Clinic

11 Depot Road
KT17 4RJ
The Epsom Skin Clinic is happy for potential clients to visit the clinic at any time for a behind the scene look at the clinic and a discussion on laser treatments
Contact the clinic to reserve your place before you miss out.
Open to local GP's and members of the public.  
Be sure to mention the website when you book your place.

Clinic Nine in Hove
Clinic Nine    
212 Church Road
East Sussex
Hosts regular special open Days centred on Laser Vein treatments, with a look around the Clinic Nine facilities and a presentation  by Mr Caruana, Vascular Consultant.
Open Day sessions tims and days vary.
Booking a place is not necessary but we advise you to Contact the clinic to reserve your place to avoid the crowd
Open to local GP's and members of the public.  
Be sure to mention the website when you book your place.

Beehive Solutions Training Days.

At Beehive Solutions, selling a laser system to a clinic is just the start of a long-term relationship between the clinic and ourselves, a relationship that includes support with marketting ideas, technical advice and training.

We also hold regular training events such as:

Podiatry Master-Class.
Hosted by Compleet Feet & Aesthetics in Alton, the Podiatry Master-Class brought together 14 Podiatrists with varied laser experience to discuss the most successful aspects of laser treatment of Onychomycosis and Verrucae.
Using practical demonstrations, lectures and informal discussions, the day allowed those obtaining the best results with laser treatment to pass on the benefits of their experience to others, and identify accessory equipment that they found of most use.
We are grateful to Paul Tennant of Tennant Podiatry in Oldham and Katrina Waller of Compleet Feet for providing high quality lectures on the subject. 
Regarded positively by all delegates, many ideas for future development were discussed and future meetings arranged.