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Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

Hyperhidrosis is a clinical condition in which the sufferer perspires excessively, in excess of that required for the maintenance of their body temperature.

Since everyone sweats to a different degree, depending on their build, their activity level, their metabolic rate, their location, and a host of other factors, there is no precise measure of how much sweat is ‘normal’, nor any simple and reliable means of measuring it; but in general terms, if you sweat to an excessive degree and find it interfered with your normal activities and your social life, then you may have hyperhidrosis.

Probably only a hyperhidrosis sufferer can really describe how the condition impacts on their social life; but common symptoms include a reluctance to have physical contact with others that might make the condition apparent or make the symptoms worse.

This can include even simple, every day, things such as shaking hands,

As a result the sufferer can become socially withdrawn and self-conscious.

 With focal hyperhidrosis, the most common areas of the body affected are:

  • the armpits, 
  • the feet, 
  • the palms   and 
  • the face;
It is common for sufferers to endure at least one session of excessive sweating per week.
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