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Laser Lipolysis


Even with the most comprehensive of diet plans and exercise routines, many of us still have the stubborn areas of fat that we just cannot get rid of. It maybe around the tummy, on the thighs, after pregnancy or, for the male, unsightly ‘man boobs’.

Laser Lipolysis instrument trayWhilst Liposuction maybe an answer for the larger areas than need to be treated; if you want to avoid the general anaesthesia, lengthy recover periods and excessive bruising, then laser lipolysis might well be the option of choice. Laser lipolysis is generally very well tolerated, with little bruising or side effects and very effective.

Laser assisted Lipolysis is a minor body contouring procedure, which uses a fine cannula to deliver a safe, powerful laser to disrupt the fat cells causing them to melt and break down. Laser assisted Lipolysis does not involve any major procedure or general anaesthetic and tends not to give the bruising and extended recovery periods often associated with traditional liposuction. The risk of skin sagging is reduced, as the heat from the laser tightens the underlying layers of skin leaving a smooth and sculptured finish. Treatment times vary but typically take about two - four hours and patients can return to their normal routine within a couple of days.

How does laser lipolysis work?

A small incision is first made next to the laser lipolysis target area. Local anaesthetic is then infiltrated into the target area using an infiltration cannula such as the Klein infiltration cannula. Laser energy is delivered in short Laser Assisted Lipolysispulses down an optical fibre that sits inside a special designed laser lipolysis probe such as the Leahy lipolysis probe to heat the target fats.  There is a red light emitted from the optical fibre to help guide the surgeon into treating the target area. The fat deposits are then either disposed of naturally or an aspiration cannula can be used to suck out the fat immediately after the operation. The laser energy that is delivered also seals off minor blood cells so limits bruising and stimulates the collagen to give a smooth, sculptured finish with a tightening effect.

How effective is laser lipolysis?
Advanced laser lipolysis is the perfect solution for eliminating the most common problem areas for increased fat deposits, such as the tummy, knees, under arms and buttocks. The overall result of the laser lipolysis depends on the severity of the area to be treated. Generally speaking dramatic improvements are usually seen within 6 weeks of the operation with the final result after 4 months. If the fat cells are immediately aspirated after the laser treatment then results are instant with a general improvement over the next 6 months. The results of laser lipolysis can be permanent if a suitable diet and exercise plan is maintained to avoid future weight gain.

How many treatments are needed?

This is dependent of the size of area and the severity of the area to be treated. Surgeons will generally advise on the number of treatments they think necessary to achieve the desired results. Generally speaking though, one treatment per area is enough.

How long does each session take?

This again depends on the size of the area to be treated and the severity and it is possible to treat more than one within the same procedure. For example treatment of the Jaw line, knees and love handles would be classed as 3 different areas and would take between 2 and 2 hours to treat.

Are there any side effects to laser lipolysis?

There will be minor bruising and some tenderness for a few days.  Antibiotics are generally prescribed as a precaution to limit the risk of infection. Minor scarring can sometimes occur.

Is Laser lipolysis safe?

In normal circumstances there is no health risk associated with laser lipolysis.

What are the costs of laser lipolysis?

This is depended on the size of the area to be treated, the severity and the number of areas that are treated. This is also dependent on the individual clinic and surgeon performing the operation but can generally range from £1000 to £4500.


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