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Many clinics find the capital expenditure of purchasing a laser system to be prohibitive and as such have not tapped into the growing market of laser uses in medicine which is why Beehive Solutions offers rental packages for the laser system.

Clinics are missing out on increased revenue that medical laser procedures can bring, and an opportunity to seriously increase their profile, by not offering cutting edge laser techniques which is why Beehive Solutions offers the opportunity to lease purchase the lasers.

Meanwhile their patients are missing out on the best available treatment for their conditions, because their clinic is not utilising the full functionality of medical laser systems.

XP2 Laser available for rent
Beehive Healthcare Solution has joined forces with 'ABMETech Ltd' to offer high quality, economical, laser services to the NHS and private sector.

It is thought we are currently only using about 20% of the capabilities of lasers in medicine today, a capability which will only increase as new developments and new research is undertaken.

Beehive Solutions can offer nationwide laser sales with a package tailor made to suit you. In association with ABMETech, we will deliver and install your laser system and provide training to all staff in the use of the laser.

Now is the time to access state of the art  laser equipment, to increase your revenue and to increase the portfolio of services that you can offer patients.


 So Why Buy a laser?
  • Latest state of the art equipment and applications

  • Massive earning potential

  • 24/7 access to the equipment

  • Excellent finance rates available

Why use Beehive Solutions?

  • We have the support and industry leading knowledge of ABMETech behind us.
  • The most up-to-date laser generators, delivered and installed nationwide
  • Certified laser training on site or advance training off site
  • On call technical support of the laser system


Our laser solutions:

  • Beehive Solutions will provide a quick and cost effective solution to your laser needs
  • A tailor made solution to fit your individual requirements.
  • Leasing Purchase available.
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