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As an integral player with in a Laser Treatment centre, you will appreciate that laser equipment and consumable costs can represent an extreme pressure on your budget, but so often you are restricted by a lack of companies able to supply your needs.

Beehive Medical Solutions is a supplier of single-use, disposable, surgical instruments, healthcare supplies and medical lasers & laser consumables; to the NHS and private healthcare clinics, across the United Kingdom and internationally.

Your Tattoo Removal Clinic can save considerable financial sums, simply by ordering through Beehive Medical Solutions in place of your normal provider.

But there is no need to take our word for it. Simply follow the links below and check the prices for yourself.

Beware though, on some items, we are able to offer larger discounts to specialist healthcare providers such as yourself, than are shown here. To qualify for these discounts, simply create an account on the site when comparing prices and let us know you are a tattoo removal laser centre. We will then adjust your account to reflect the discounted rates.

We know from experience that you will not find a lower cost provider for your healthcare and laser consumables.

To assist you in your search; below are a few links to items often ordered by Tattoo clinics. Alternatively just click this link to view the entire Beehive Medical Solutions’ Online Catalog


·         Single use, Disposable, Surgical Instruments

·         Gowns and Drapes 

·         Wipes and Swabs 

·         Compression Hosiery

·         Staff Uniforms 

·         Cosmetic Clinic Supplies 

·         Wound Care 

·         Laser generators  

·         Clinic Equipment and Furniture 

·         Fotona QX Max    

·         Surgical Compression  

·         Dermal rollers (Professional use) 

·         Diamond touch Microdermabrasion

·         Treatment Couches        


What ever your needs, we'll have a solution that works.

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