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Future Dental lasers


Dental procedures are staring to be performed quicker, more effectively and more comfortably thanks to the growing industry of laser dentistry. Laser has been used in medical practices throughout the world for years and now more and more dentist around the world are using laser as the technology improves and costs decrease.

Current Dental Lasers in use: 
There are two basic laser types presently in use

Hard tissue lasers: These laser produce laser energy at a wavelength that is absorbed by calcium phosphate salt that is found in teeth and bone and water. This makes the laser very adept at cutting through a tooth structure such as an erbium YAH and erbium chromium YSGG. Hard tissue lasers are used cut into teeth hand bone with absolute precision so prepping or shaping of teeth for composite bonding and removal of small amounts of tooth structure is both straightforward and relatively easy.

Soft tissue lasers: these laser produce laser energy at a wavelength that is absorbed primarily by water and haemoglobin. Lasers such as Neodymium ND:YAG and diode lasers are commonly used for periodontal treatment, kill bacteria and regenerate tissues. Soft tissue laser penetrate soft tissue and in so doing seal blood vessels and nerve endings. This means the experience is virtually pain and blood free.

New technology laser in cooperate both hard and soft laser energy meaning only one machine is needed to perform the laser assisted procedures.