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Gynaecology Laser Treatments are quickly becoming an important member of any laser treatment clinic. There are an increasing number of procedures becoming available to the market from a vide range of laser system none better than the Fotona range of laser from Beehive Solutions.

The following pages, look at some of the clinical applications and the benefits of laser treatment over non-laser surgery and treatment regimes.

Fotona have now published some data on two of the most cutting edge laser applications to hit the market in a long time. Laser vaginal tightening and Laser for stress incontinence.

Find out more about Fotona gynaecology laser applications

You can also find out more about Dr Mario Antonio Rivera Delgadillo experiences with Fotona laser for gynaecology and

Dr Ivan Fistonic experiences with Fotona laser for gynaecology.

Dr Ivan Fistonic has also produced a research paper into Laser Stress Urinary Incontinence and

Dr Gaviria has produced a research paper in laser vaginal tightening.