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Partnering with Beehive Solutions, a new and innovating company with in the healthcare market, represents an exceptional opportunity for your business or clinic.

Beehive Solutions will actively work with you and your business, to help you build and maintain a successful Practice for varicose veins, laser treatments, aesthetics, surgery, dentistry..........

Our exclusive contracts with leading suppliers in the provision of goods and services related to laser surgery and associated treatments, provide a unique opportunity for service improvement and efficiency savings, with out compromising quality.

Marketing and support:

Beehive Solutions marketing package offers your business or clinic the opportunity to team up with an innovative new company to help build your practice to the levels you desire.

The two arms of Beehive Solutions - can offer your practice enhancement like no other. We offer you all the tools and support to help maximise your potential

Beehive Healthcare Solutions - providing outsourced, managed service, contracts for ultrasound in all modalities, outsourced managed services contracts for varicose vein surgery and, exclusively to Beehive Healthcare Solutions, unique laser rental packages.

Beehive Medical Solutions - offer a wide range of products at exceptional prices and, by agreeing to use and endorse our approved products, we in turn agree to promote your clinic through the work of Beehive Healthcare Solutions.

This includes promotion via our patient portals, testimonials, and listing on our clinic directory, clinic location map and advertising banner system.

And, unlike other promoters, we do this all for free.

Beehive Solutions strength in marketing guarantees your rise up the Google website rankings for your area, and thus increases your opportunities for referrals’ and business success.

This opportunity is only available to a select number of clinics and offers exclusivity within a 30 mile radius of your practice, so only your practice will benefit from this unique opportunity.


At Beehive Solutions, we constantly strive to expand our range of products and services, so you can be sure we have the right products to fit your needs. If we don’t stock the products that you require rest assured we will do everything in our power to locate the product and undercut your current suppliers.



Beehive Medical Solutions offers a wide range of products that are available to you at exceptional prices; not only for laser treatments, but for a whole range of procedures.

Laser systems available to buy or rent:

Fotona XP-2 Plus Laser delivery system for endovenous laser ablation, laser lipolysis, FRAC3, vascular legions, thread veins, laser hair removal, skin toning and tightening, acne treatments, verrucae and rosacrea treatments.

Fotona Dualis Laser delivery system for laser hair removal, skin toning and texture, Acne treatments, vascular lesion treatments and new and exciting breakthrough in snoring treatment.

Fotona QX MAX Laser delivery system for Tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, FRAC3 rejuvenation, hair removal and vascular treatments.

Lumenis Lightsheer Laser delivery system for the gold standard in laser hair removal as well as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, benign pigmented lesions and leg veins

Laserscope Aura Laser delivery system and Laserscope Lyra Laserdelivery system with many, many conditions


In addition, we can save your Clinic considerable expense through the purchase of items such as:


Beehive Healthcare Solutions can also offer:

  • Managed ultrasound services
  • Managed laser services
  • Laser rental services

Plus much much more!!

As a holistic partnership, Beehive Solutions offers a totally unique and complete solution for all your clinical needs:


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