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Scar Revision

A scar can be caused is many different ways such as
  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Surgery
  • Trauma
  • Accident
A scar is not usually associated with clinical complications but is often visible making it cosmetically unappealing to people and making them self-conscious about there appearance.
What is a scar?
When the skin becomes damaged by whatever means the body immediately begins the healing process of the damaged area. Numerous cells will migrate to the area that is damaged. Macrophages remove any of the dead cells and the debris and fibroblasts cells produce the collagen that repairs the wound like a bridge over damaged area. The result of this means the initial wound is healed but due to an overproduction of collagen by the fibroblast cells a scar is formed.
How can i get rid of a scar?
No one procedure is correct for all types of scar and hence a combination of treatments is often needed. By using skin resurfacing techniques with a Fotona laser system you can treating the entire skin surface  removing the upper layer of the skin to reveal a fresher more youthful skin beneath. Another method that can be used with a Fotona laser generator is by fractional treatment which means treating only parts of the skin and leaving uninjured skin around the area to acts as a barrier promoting quicker healing and fast recovery.
Pricing information
Clinics vary in the price for scar revision but start generally from around £60 per session