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Laser assisted snoring reduction "Nightlase" new treatment for the successful treatment of snoring.
Snoring is a vibration of the respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to the obstructed air movement during breathing whilst sleeping. In some cases this sound maybe soft but in other cases it can be very loud and unpleasant. Generally speaking the structures involved are the uvula and soft palate.
30-40% of the population snore with the biggest suffered being the partners of the person that snores. There are many treatments available for snoring including
  • Head bands
  • Pillows
  • Oral appliances
Some of these treatments create secondary problems such as neck and jar pain and mostly all of the treatments above are not permanent and have little patient tolerance.
There are other treatment options available such as
  • palate coblation - uses radio frequency but requires anaesthetic, is not permanent, is painful and takes 6 weeks to work.
  • Pillar procedure - can result in a 80% reduction in snoring but is painful, expensive, and patients are not receptive to the idea of implants.
  • Surgery - This requires an anaesthetic, has a success rate of 50-60%, non permanent, expensive and requires patient not to eat for 2 weeks.
Fotona laser treatment "Laser snoreplasty" involves the non ablative Er:YAG tightening of the soft palate and surrounding tissue. The procedure requires no needles or anaesthetic and has no pre or post pain. The treatment takes just three 10 minutes sessions over 2 weeks showing immediate results after day 1 of between 70 and 100%.
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