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Thread Veins

Thread veins, unsightly veins or prominent veins are a very common problem. They are formed when a vein becomes dilated thus becoming larger and visible through the skin.
What are the causes?
A large proportion of thread veins are caused by an underlying varicose vein problem nd the golden standard before any treatment is commenced is to have a vascular ultrasound examination. A vascular ultrasound investigation will determine if the veins are thread veins or if there is a problem with the underlying veins that will need treatment first.
Beehive solutions can offer a full vascular ultrasound at one of its clinics first to ensure the best treatment is offered. Beehive solutions can offer its managed ultrasound service to any clinic in the UK if it is not already offered.
The major causes for thread veins in they do not have an underlying factor are
  • Prolonged standing
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Aging
Methods of treatment
There are two widely accepted methods of treatment for thread veins
  • Sclerotherpy - An injection of a scerlosing agent into the veins
  • Laser
Laser Treatment of Thread veins
Laser emits energy at a specific wavelength 1064nm to target blood without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The energy is absorbed by the blood inside the veins which subsequently heats up the walls of the veins causing them to collapse and then dissolved by the bodies own immune system. The sensation felt by the patient is like the snap of an elastic band producing only mild discomfort and little damage to surrounding tissues.
This varies from clinic to clinic but is generally in the region of £200 per session
Below is a short video of thread vein removal using a Fotona laser system
If you want to know of a clinic near you offering varicose vein removal and thread vein treatment or to know more please contact Beehive Solutions