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Vascular Lesions

What are vascular lesions?
Vascular lesions may be acquired or arise directly after birth and are called birth marks. Vascular lesions are by definition the effect of an alteration in size and form of multiple blood vessels. A vascular lesion has no effect on the physical well being of a patient but there appearance is often uncomfortable and makes the individual self conscious of there appearance. Vascular lesions can become a problem due to the fact that they grow in proportion to total body growth. A lot of vascular lesions are treated early to avoid spreading and are generally treated to make them less apparent.
The best treatment for vascular lesions
Laser treatment is considered the best treatment method for vascular lesions. The lesions are removed by the laser pulses of energy being absorbed by the blood vessel causing them to disintegrate. The vessel then disappears over time and restores the skins natural appearance. Laser treatment allows for a quick and efficient method of treatment for vascular legions with little patient discomfort and damage to the surrounding tissues. The larger the legion the more treatments maybe required to achieve the desirable appearance. As far as side effects go there are very few associated with laser treatment, there maybe a temporary discoloration of the skin that usually is resolved within 14 days.
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